Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Increasing the cleaning frequency ensures high traffic areas are maintained and disinfected as per the CDC guidelines. We use all EPA approved cleaners and we are following all CDC recommendations. We can also offer extended cleaning services to meet your needs. Visit the Contact Us page to submit any questions you may have or call your local account manager.

From disinfecting the air, high touch surfaces and the floor, we are successfully preventing the potential outbreak of this COVID-19 virus. Following all CDC and WHO cleaning procedures, areas must be dealt with accordingly. Not all business or buildings are the same. Contact us to speak with a trained cleaning specialist today.

We are re-educating and re-training our employees and supervisors with instructions on safety precautions, good hygiene and the use of updated sanitizing materials. We are using the CDC recommended methods to help stop the spread of germs. All employees are using proper personal protective equipment. Our goal is to work together to help prevent the spreading of this disease and to maintain a safe workplace for our employees and our clients.