Disinfecting Services

Due to the heightened concern of virus contamination, as COVID-19 continues to spread globally and rapidly across the U.S., we are monitoring all emerging developments on a daily basis and taking very serious precautions to stay proactive with any spreading virus.

Below are some of the steps we are taking for our employees:

  • We are re-educating and re-training our Supervisors and employees with on-going instructions on safety precautions, good hygiene, and use of updated sanitizing materials.

  • We are using the CDC recommended methods to help stop the spread of germs.

  • We are emphasizing the frequent washing and sanitizing of hands.

  • We are reinforcing the use, and the frequent changing of gloves to prevent spreading of germs.

  • We are telling employees to stay home if sick

  • We are instructing Managers and Supervisors to immediately send any sick employee home.

For our Clients:

  • We are using Triple S Cleaning Disinfectants for restrooms, offices, conference rooms, etc. which provide a 99.9% kill rate of bacteria and viruses

  • We are using Pro-Series Disinfectant Spray, as well as a Disinfecting Glass and Multisurface Cleaner, which also have a 99.9% germ kill rate, and are effective against a broad spectrum of viruses

  • We are using surface Disinfecting Wipes to wipe down surfaces on phones, desks and bathroom areas

  • We are disinfecting all high touch surfaces

  • We are using disposable rags where applicable

  • We are offering extended cleaning services to meet client needs

  • We are following all CDC Recommendations

  • All our cleaning products are EPA approved and registered disinfectant that help prevent the spread of disease Roma Cleaning’s goal is to work together to help prevent the spread of disease

Our goal is to work together to help prevent the spreading of this disease and to maintain a safe workplace for our employees and our clients.